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Learning Outcome for Exercise One (Greetings Card)

Through carrying out Exercise One:

You have now covered the fundamentals regarding ownership of copyright works and the importance of addressing issues of ownership, particularly in a situation involving other parties or employees carrying out work outside of their ‘normal employment’.

You have learned that there are three types of content, each with shared copyright characteristics that govern how they may be used and exploited:

  1. Self-generated (user-generated) : If you are the author of a work then you own copyright in it,


    • you have created it in the course of your employment, in which case copyright is owned by your employer, or

    • you have signed a contract in advance transferring copyright ownership to another party.

  2. Commissioned : If you commission someone to create a work on your behalf, copyright is retained by the commissioned author,


    • you have commissioned them under a contract that explicitly transfers copyright ownership from them to you (or another party specified in the contract).

  3. Existing : Existing works (also known as third-party works) have been created and already published or released by other people. Examples include recorded music, photographs, moving images, television programmes, books and journal articles. You have chosen to use these for a number of reasons: because they are unique; or you are unable to recreate them yourself; or it is cheaper to licence them than to create similar works. Third-party content can really add to the attractiveness of your work or may be essential components of your teaching. But such components must be handled with care. Your skill in negotiating a licence will affect your ability to make full use of the work you have created.

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