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Learning outcomes for Exercise 1

When you have completed section Exercise 1, including the card-making, and attempted to answer the questions, you should:

  1. understand the fundamentals of authorship, how a copyright work is created and protected;

  2. begin to understand the importance of the need to address issues of ownership, particularly in a situation involving other parties or employees carrying out work outside of their ‘normal employment’;

  3. learn that there are three types of content each of which may affect copyright ownership and govern how they may be used and exploited;

    1. self-generated (user-generated): this is work created by you as author – to include issues such as employment (this is where you have created work under a contract of employment) and copyright assignment;

    2. commissioned: this is where you or your employer have contracted a third party to create work on your (or your employer’s ) behalf;

    3. existing: this is where you use works or part of works (extracts etc.) which are already in existence, these are often referred to as ‘third-party’ works;

  4. benefit from the advice and discussion provided which explore the issues raised during the card-making exercise concerning creation of copyright works, authorship, ownership, employment.

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