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Benefits of an agreement (before work begins)

Having considered the above – you will begin to realise the benefits of taking the time to draw up a contract of agreement between the parties (group) outlining amongst other things ownership of the content and final product (card). An agreement will avoid having to deal with any issues arising from the following:

  • Once work starts, copyright begins to be fixed. This perhaps makes reaching agreement more difficult further down the line, which may hold up or prevent exploitation.

  • Lack of flexibility and usability for all the parties involved in the card.

  • Confusion over intentions of use and who owns what which may prevent and delay the choice on how you need to manage the exploitation of the work.

  • The absence of a contract means that copyright automatically vests in the person who authored (put pen to paper) the creative ideas.

  • Friction between the parties arising from misunderstandings and understanding of how copyright works.

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